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It's so much like Tim's Incredible Machines!

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Pretty good. :)

Personally my favourite type of flash game has to be the casual Point & Click/Escape The Room type game and this, despite it's shortness, was spot on. the graphics for it were inventive, but the thing that really made it for me was that I've tried to make this style of game for ages and on your first submission, you manage to master the way of AS in inventories, witch from experience isn't easy. just because anyone can draw up a few rooms, but to bring it to life and create the interactiveness with it was awesome. if i fully understood the inventory system I'd totally be looking to this game for inspiration well done!

Pretty good :)

I love point and click games, and just because of the shortness of this didn't make it any worse. I'd make my own but i can't find any decent working tutorials :/


Yesterday i thought to myself " JMTB02 hasn't brought a game out in a while" when this came i was well happy :)

I love the music choice, and the money system was really nice.

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alot like...

jmtb02's game -/TBA/- so if you liked this you should play that!


Reckless and legendary!
The fact that you could activate things before you would actually ned to excites me, most games most things you cant click/use/etc untill a certain part, but this made it all the more beleivable. Also nice music! Can't wait for the next installment!

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Pretty cool, actually.

Really nice game, especially as there's hardly any AS3 tutorials on the internet at the moment. ( effort to learn AS3 yourself) Well unless you did actually use a tutorial i don't know about, then that's embarrasing. Over all a nice wee game to pass some time.

To your little query, try searching "download AS3 flash preloader" or something similar into Google. then just edit the animation from the MC your given. also that will have the action script there that can answer the question to your actual Question.

Well done.

stian7 responds:

If you asking if I copy pasted this, is the answer no. I hand wrote it from my book. Why? Maybe sound crazy, but you learn a lot from it. First off all you go through the code step by step and learn what everything are(I been programming Java before this and got an A, so it was just learning the difference). When something go wrong you have to find the problem your self, and wow, you learn a lot from mistakes.

Tried that and as you said, hardly any tutorials on the net. I guess I have to ask an programmer. Strange that new grounds don't have a AS3 preloader yet.

Thanks for the comment!


So this is what it is like to take over the world....


...Not trying that anytime soon.

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This was a pretty sweet game, I love the idea for it. There are a couple of thing you might want to sort out though:
-the background cut out on the 4th level
-at the end (once you finish it) it loops back to the start of level 5.
-maybe a bit longer?

that's abouut the only thing i found wrong/ bad about the game. otherwise i thik it's one of the better games on NewGrounds :)

well done! cant wait for a sequel!

Eggy responds:

Odd, the 5th level shouldn't loop back. Hmm....doesn't seem to be doing it for me...hopefully it was a one time weird thing.

too... different..

don't get me wrong it IS an awesome ame, but i think instead of making i the sequel to 'heist' it should've been a cmpletely different game. it's to different from heist. heist ones theif was more of a oppertunist, this one is proffessional it's a bit weird.but i suppose when ur getting paid by armorgames quite a bit, you'd sellout anthing :)

but like i said it is a pretty cool, game, challengng :)

OzMafioso responds:

Well, first and foremost, this game was by no means a "sellout", I believe that if it was, I wouldn't have spent a year in the making, in fact, I spent less time on the first one. But everybody has an opinion and I appreciate you're input :) I'm not the type of author to take offense to this type of review, these are what make better games!

Second, as mentioned, the thief was more prepared this time, as he went through hell the first time around. In the first he was broke, ended up with alot money from the house and decided to see what he could come up with this time (and came more prepared). The only difference (in my opinion) would be that I used the panoramic scenery to simulate looking around & finding hidden money stacks, other than that it's basically find the right item to get where you need to go.

Aside from the games defense, I do appreciate you're review :) But again, this was not a "sellout", I make these games because I love to entertain, whatever armor games does for me is simply icing on the cake. Thanks for you're review!

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